Westerfield About Us

Bob (far left) and John (3rd) with John’s brother, Tom (center) and his nephew, Patrick (far right), Christmas 2012

A family business founded in 1946

Westerfield Sales and Service is the oldest stocking caster distributor in Ohio and has called Old Brooklyn home since the very beginning.

It got its name from its founder, Mr. Westerfield, who opened the business upon returning home after serving in World War II.


In 1978, Westerfield Sales and Service was purchased by Abram and Margaret DeGardeyn who ran the business until their retirement in 1993 when they entrusted the company to good friends Bob Barrett, the founder of the Cleveland Caster and Equipment Company (est. 1982) and his nephew, John Gallagher.

Bob and John had developed a long-time friendship with the DeGardeyn family, initially meeting them as customers. When they took over the business, they continued to hold the belief that customers are much more than that – they are friends. Bob was known to meet customers for lunch at George’s and worked with many of them for over 30 years.

Continuing The Legacy

Bob Barrett had a long career as a salesman in material handling, where he specialized in developing equipment solutions for hospitals. John learned everything about the industry and selling when he joined his Uncle Bob’s business.

Bob talked about retiring in 2007, but it never came to be. John and Bob worked along-side each other until Bob passed away in 2016. Today, John Gallagher continues this legacy of leadership and service as the sole proprietor of Westerfield Sales and Service.

We make sure our customers and suppliers know they are part of our family, building strong relationships on a foundation of trust, great service, and exceptional products.